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Our Program

The students of The Leadership School (TLS) are primarily from rural areas and have studied in Telugu medium in Government schools. The goal of TLS is to foster their personal development and growth, which will aid to succeed in their professional and personal lives, by means of workshops such as English, Vedic Math, Public Speaking, and Leadership Development. Through TLS, Vrushamani also strives to instill its values – Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence, in the students.

TLS aims at educating, mentoring to imbue good ideals and Leadership Qualities to students who are at a disadvantage, with the help of scholars and well educated Senior Citizens.

TLS also aims to give that EDUCATION, by which CHARACTER is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet and become like a banyan tree under which thousands take shelter.

The support to such deserving youth is provided through The Leadership School (TLS), which runs an all expenses paid program and has a hostel in Hyderabad for their stay. The program initially includes supporting a 2-year study in a reputed Junior College (Intermediate). During this time, they are also mentored for their personal development, with the help of scholars and worthy senior citizens.

The efforts of TLS to promote personal and professional development of the students also include conducting of workshops covering English Language, Vedic Math, Public Speaking Leadership Development etc.

There is also a strong focus on instilling certain core values like Integrity, Compassion and Excellence.

On successful completion of Intermediate, the students are encouraged to seek admission into the best colleges in India, and Vrushamani Foundation would continue to bear all expenses till they graduate with at least a Bachelor’s Degree.